Epsilon Pi Alumni of Sigma Nu Scholarship Details

Each year the Sigma Nu Alumni Scholarship Fund (SNASF) will make funds available for tuition payments made directly to the University for credit to enrolled students. Members of the Epsilon Pi chapter of Sigma Nu may apply for these funds by submitting an application for a traditional scholarship (awarded for both merit and need) and/or The Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship.


  1. The Chapter Scholarship Committee will solicit applications for all scholarship awards during the spring quarter
  2. The Committee will nominate individual(s) by late spring quarter and refer to Alumni Board for confirmation
  3. Alumni Board will confirm nominee(s) with award announced at beginning of Fall Quarter
  4. Scholarships to be announced and awarded at annual Sigma Nu Honors dinner event
  5. Proceeds of the traditional merit and need scholarship will be transferred to the appropriate UCLA office for crediting tuition account in three equal payments for spring, winter and fall quarters given the recipient remains eligible and in good standing with Sigma Nu
  6. Proceeds of The Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship will be transferred to the appropriate UCLA office for crediting tuition in the academic quarter in which it is awarded

Application Requirements

  1. Submit essay
  2. Submit academic transcript report
  3. Submit resume
  4. Submit certificates/statements of awards/honors for UCLA/Community/Chapter service
  5. Submit verification of good standing with UCLA and Chapter
  6. Submit description of service to chapter and/or community

Merit and Need Scholarship Criteria

Merit Based

Academic (including awards and/or honors):            50%
500-Word Essay (What Sigma Nu Means to Me):       10%
Community and/or University Service:                         20%
House involvement:                                                         20%

Need Based

Need:                                                                                  50%
Academic (including awards and honors)                   30%
500 Word Essay (What Sigma Nu Means to Me):        10%
House involvement:                                                         10%

The Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship

The Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship recognizes an upperclassman active member of the Epsilon Pi Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity who has demonstrated high moral character and allegiance to the tenets of Sigma Nu; has been active in, and well respected by, the Epsilon Pi chapter; and is well respected within the UCLA community. The Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship is being initiated in Fall 2018, and will be presented by USN Retired Captain Gerald “Jerry” Coffee (Epsilon Pi pin # 468) at the inaugural Sigma Nu Honors dinner on November 16, 2018. The Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship is the highest honor and distinction awarded to a current Epsilon Pi active member by the Epsilon Pi Alumni of Sigma Nu Fraternity through the Sigma Nu Alumni Scholarship Fund, and provides a $10,000 payment to the University as a credit against tuition for the benefit of the recipient. The value of the gift is likely to increase over time as the resources of the Scholarship Fund permit.

The merit-based award is named in honor of Gerald L. Coffee, who has led an extraordinary life of service and whose bravery during 7 years of imprisonment during the Vietnam War earned him a “Silver Star” medal. His persistence and creativity in facilitation of “tap-code” communication among P.O.W.s was monumental in creating a formal resistance posture to the enemy and his ability to maintain hope, faith, courage, and honor in the face of such extreme conditions has inspired thousands worldwide through his speaking presentations and his acclaimed book “Beyond Survival”.

Applicants for the award are to submit essays (500 word max) due to the Sigma Nu Scholarship Chairman.

The Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship Qualifications

  1. Academic Accomplishment (minimum 3.0 gpa)
  2. Leadership Exemplifying Sigma Nu Values to Epsilon Pi, UCLA and/or Community
  3. Live-in Experience of at least one full term of three quarters
  4. Minimum of 3 quarters remaining until graduation (not including Summer sessions)
  5. In good standing in Chapter, UCLA and Community
  6. Submit essay

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