• Alumni who were members of a fraternity or sorority exhibit higher emotional attachment to their alma mater, meaning that they strongly agree that their college or university was the perfect school for them, and they can’t imagine a world without it. 22% of fraternity and sorority members are emotionally attached to their alma mater, compared with 17% of all other college graduates. More fraternity and sorority members (37%) strongly agree that their institution prepared them for life after college than all other college graduates (27%).
  • Fraternity and sorority members are more likely than all other college graduates to be thriving in each of the five elements of well-being (purpose, social, financial, community, and physical).
  • National results show 43% of college graduates who were members of a fraternity or sorority are engaged in the workplace, compared to 38% of college graduates were not members.
  • Graduates with fraternity or sorority affiliation and membership in college were more likely to have taken advantage of experiential learning opportunities while in college (11%) than graduates who were not members (5%).
  • Alumni who participated in fraternities or sororities exhibit higher emotional attachment to their school. According to the study, 22% of those surveyed who were in sororities or fraternities consider themselves attached, compared with 17% who were not members.
  • In the last decade, fraternities saw a 43% increase in active members and member achievement is increasing (all-fraternity gpa: 2.912 vs all-male gpa: 2.892) and dedication to philanthropy is thriving ($12.9 million philanthropic dollars raised in ’16-17 college Panhellenics).
  • The average capacity for a fraternity house at UCLA is 40 students. When 2nd phase of renovation is completed Sigma Nu will have capacity for 46 live-in members.
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