Alumni contributions are at the heart of everything we do. Our communications, events and support for the chapter all rely on gifts. As alumni, we play a critical role in making sure our Chapter lives on and your gift makes a significant impact on these efforts.

More than anything else, the long term success for Epsilon Pi revolves around the recruitment and initiation of the best and brightest young men seeking a Greek letter experience at UCLA. By maintaining our great location, having a best-in-class facility, and providing meaningful scholarship support for deserving members, Sigma Nu will remain at the forefront of Greek life at UCLA.


House Renovation Fund Donations

Or make check payable to “Epsilon Pi Alumni of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc” and mail to:

Sigma Nu House Renovation Fund
Bresee Warner
10960 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1510
Los Angeles, CA 90024-3712

Refund Policy: All donations are considered final and are non-refundable.

Instructions and forms for the Transfer of Securities or Wire Transfers can be found by clicking on the links below: 


Eminent Commanders Club


Bob Wilson (EP 369)
Ned Ryder (EP 446)
John Ollen (EP 795)
Daniel Jordan (EP 910)

Cliff Gilbert-Lurie (EP 925)
Rick Runkel (EP 929)
Russ Parker (EP 939)
Peter Merlone (EP 972)

Bill Harris (EP 987)
Brad Schweitzer (EP 1002)
Steve Layton (EP 1020)
Mike Menzia (EP 1182)
Scott McPherson (EP 1186)

Black Knights


Russ Wylie (EP 516)
Dave Schmidt (EP 738)
Bill Young (EP 791)
Rick Bocci (EP 848)
Greg Meidel (EP 880)

Brent Liljestrom (EP 890)
Don Little (EP 901)
Keith Pipes (EP 928)
Kevin Ahern (EP 952)
Perry Colligan (EP 959)

Dan Post (EP 975)
Jim Helfrich (EP 1006)
Dave Obbage (EP 1022)
Matt Defendis (EP 1038)

Sundeck Snakes


Monte Widders (EP 649)
Gary Bridge (EP 669)
Edmon Hagee (EP 711)
George Buckley (EP 763)
Mike Cooper (EP 781)
Kent Derdivanis (EP 905)

Mark Pender (EP 913)
Richard Wodiske (EP 955)
Sandy MacDougal (EP 1004)
Jay Shepherd (EP 1018)
Jim Miller (EP 1087)
Mark Burns (EP 1088)

Greg Easton (EP 1153)
John Griffin (EP 1203)
Tim Strader Jr. (EP 1243)
Jim Jacobsen (EP 1386)
Bryce Dixon (EP 1568)

601 Supporters


Pete Post (EP 506)
Tony Medley (EP 565)
Mike Wilcox (EP 584)
Martin Graham (EP 603)
Steve Wolf (EP 622)
James Dahlgren (EP 626)
James Frautnick (EP 654)
Bob Ferguson (EP 681)
Ed Kushins (EP 709)
Rod Carey (EP 877)
Bruce Carey (EP 934)
Richard McLaughlin III (EP 948)
Eric Down (EP 960)
Michael Slater (EP 991)
Bill Moore (EP 992)
Pierre Loubet (EP 1024)

Jon Newby (EP 1106)
Craig Springbrett (EP 1141)
Dennis Visser (EP 1173)
Fulty Collins (EP 1241)
Rob Mitchell (EP 1272)
Brian Tinker (EP 1421)
Dan Williams (EP 1427)
Travis Boyd (EP 1432)
Brad Lineberger (EP 1515)
Chris Larocca (EP 1565)
Rowan Mason (EP 1583)
Russell Stough (EP 1586)
David Curtin (EP 1590)
Jonathan Nese (EP 1596)
Mike Exner (EP 1616)
Brian Zirbel (EP 1628)

Brent Knapp (EP 1629)
Rob Kelly (EP 1631)
Eddie Bonin (EP 1633)
Nick Amendola (EP 1645)
Kyle Miller (EP 1649)
Tim Cheung (EP 1653)
Kyle Kern (EP 1657)
Billy Eagle (EP 1659)
Sean Camarella (EP 1664)
Cameron Curtis (EP 1678)
Ryan Filippini (EP 1682)
Mark Howe (EP 1683)
Taylor Swearingen (EP 1693)
Corlin Handly (EP 1746)
Mike Valdez (EP 1970)

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