Alumni contributions are at the heart of everything we do. Our communications, events and support for the chapter all rely on gifts. As alumni, we play a critical role in making sure our Chapter lives on and your gift makes a significant impact on these efforts.

More than anything else, the long term success for Epsilon Pi revolves around the recruitment and initiation of the best and brightest young men seeking a Greek letter experience at UCLA. By maintaining our great location, having a best-in-class facility, and providing meaningful scholarship support for deserving members, Sigma Nu will remain at the forefront of Greek life at UCLA.


House Renovation Fund Donations

Or make check payable to “Epsilon Pi Alumni of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc” and mail to:

Sigma Nu House Renovation Fund
Bresee Warner
10960 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1510
Los Angeles, CA 90024-3712

Refund Policy: All donations are considered final and are non-refundable.

Instructions and forms for the Transfer of Securities or Wire Transfers can be found by clicking on the links below: 

Add you name to our list of 2017-2018 supporters and become a donor today:

2017-18 Alumni Commitments

Charles Adams III (EP 963)
Kevin Ahern (EP 952)
Kevin Alexander (EP 1280)
David Auerbach (EP 1579)
Marshal Beck (EP 989)
Dwight Belden (EP 990)
Kurt Bensworth (EP 1131)
Richard Biddle (EP 625)
Rick Bocci (EP 848)
Eddie Bonin (EP 1633)
Travis Boyd (EP 1432)
Fred Brady (EP 800)
John Brodersen (EP 998)
Gregory Broms (EP 1154)
Neil Brooks (EP 463)
Taylor Browman (EP 944)
George Buckley (EP 763)
Mark Burns (EP 1088)
Darrell Butler (EP 746)
Jim Cady (EP 790)
Larry Canarelli (EP 721)
Bruce Carey (EP 934)
Joe Clarke (EP 1598)
David Clauson (EP 899)
Brian Coleman (EP 1531)
Perry Colligan (EP 959)
Mark Costa (EP 950)
Cameron Curtis (EP 1678)
Fred Decker (EP 927)
Matt DeFendis (EP 1038)
Steve Deming (EP 568)
Derek Derdivanis (EP 873)
Kent Derdivanis (EP 905)
Doug Dickinson (EP 1048)
Eric Down (EP 960)
Bob Draine (EP 244)
Greg Easton (EP 1153)
Connor Eichten (EP 1899)
Anthony Farwell (EP 956)
Aidan Foley (EP 945)
James Frautnick (EP 654)
Stephen Fulton (EP 1001)
Robert Gasper (EP 957)
Scott Gayner (EP 885)
Martin Graham (EP 603)
Timothy Grant (EP 916)
Scott Graves (EP 1369)
John Griffin (EP 1203)
Robert Griffin (EP 1157)
Edmond Hagee (EP 711)
Thomas Harding (EP 820)
Bill Harris (EP 987)

David Hart (EP 424)
Richard Hartnack (EP 674)
Terry Hartshorn (EP 632)
Bobby Hatfield (EP 1314)
James Helfrich (EP 1006)
Clarke Herbert (EP 640)
Thomas Herlihy (EP 943)
Lawrence Higby (EP 665)
Alan Hoops (EP 715)
Bruce Isackson (EP 984)
Rob Isackson (EP 1041)
Pat Jones (EP 1057)
Ryan Jones (EP 1667)
Dan Jordan (EP 910)
Stephen Kappos (EP 1051)
Rob Kelly (EP 1631)
Tim Kerns (EP 1536)
Brent Knapp (EP 1629)
Mark Krommenhoek (EP 1158)
Chris Larocca (EP 1565)
Steven Layton (EP 1020)
Derek Lem (EP 1847)
Brent Liljestrom (EP 890)
Don Little (EP 901)
Richard Logan (EP 697)
Alexander MacDougall (EP 1004)
Elmer Madriaga (EP 1574)
Rowan Mason (EP 1583)
Jerry McClain (EP 617)
Richard McLaughlin III (EP 948)
Scott McPherson (EP 1186)
Greg Meidel (EP 880)
Michael Menzia (EP 1182)
Peter Merlone (EP 972)
Paul Meyer (EP 889)
Jeffrey Miller (EP 621)
Jim Miller (EP 1087)
Bill Moore (EP 992)
Jonathan Nese (EP 1596)
Rick Neuheisel (EP 1078)
Jon Newby (EP 1106)
David Obbage (EP 1021)
John Ollen (EP 795)
Ron Ormand (EP 981)
Mike Ortega (EP 930)
Mitchell Ostwald (EP 965)
Luke Palmo (EP 1060)
George Pappas (EP 1015)
Russ Parker (EP 939)
Mark Pender (EP 913)
Greg Petersen (EP 1920)
John Piini (EP 866)

Keith Pipes (EP 928)
Daniel Post (EP 975)
Pete Post (EP 506)
Russ Pratt (EP 483)
James Price II (EP 758)
Scott Read (EP 1206)
Wayne Redfearn (EP 739)
Dave Renke (EP 1558)
Donald Riehl (EP 332)
James Riley (EP 897)
Alan Roberson (EP 773)
Michael Rosa (EP 1535)
Bob Rovzar (EP 1064)
Donald Rugg (EP 644)
Rick Runkel Jr. (EP 929)
Ned Ryder (EP 446)
Gary Schammel (EP 919)
Stephen Schloemer (EP 1013)
Dave Schmidt (EP 738)
Jerry Schutte (EP 717)
Brad Schweitzer (EP 1002)
Edward Shafron (EP 1916)
Tom Sheffield (EP 1071)
Jay Shepherd (EP 1018)
Zachary Shuman (EP 940)
Michael Slater (EP 991)
Don Spicer (EP 980)
John Stanley (EP 895)
Thomas Stoever (EP 443)
Russell Stough (EP 1586)
Ken Stovitz (EP 982)
Tim Strader Jr. (EP 1243)
Tom Tabor (EP 803)
Rusty Turner (EP 837)
Michael Valdez (EP 1970)
Clark Vilas (EP 461)
Bernard Vogel III(EP 906)
Roger Wachtell (EP 999)
Brad Walsh (EP 1519)
John Warner (EP 549)
Todd Whitthorne (EP 947)
Michael Wilcox (EP 584)
Robert Wilson (EP 369)
Richard Wodiske (EP 955)
Charles Wolf (EP 1181)
Stephen Wolf (EP 622)
Blake Woodward (EP 842)
Russ Wylie (EP 516)
Bill Young (EP 791)
Jake Zacuto (EP 1577)
Jon Zaich (EP 872)
Brian Zirbel (EP 1628)
Jim Zrake (EP 749)

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