Fall 2018 Sigma Nu Scholarship Winners

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Top row: Citko, Beckman, Kashou. Bottom row: Katz, Christian, Rocheleau

This fall the Alumni Board reviewed and approved the active chapter scholarship committee’s recommendations for 6 scholarship grants with the following provisions:

  • Each scholarship is to be valued at $2,250 and paid in three $750 installments at the beginning of each quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring) for the 2018 – 2019 school term;
  • To receive any one of the three payments, the recipient must be in good standing with the University and the Chapter;
  • Good standing with the Chapter includes being current in the recipient’s house bill;
  • The awards will be paid through UCLA and applied to quarterly tuition.
  • Cody Kosycarz of Warner Breesee will handle payment transactions through UCLA and will certify that the recipient is current in his house bill.

The winners were

Tyler Beckman
Econ Major, Class 2020. From Steele Canyon HS in East San Diego.

Peter Katz
Econ Major, Class 2019. From Connecticut.

Cristian Rodriguez
Electrical Engineering Major, Class 2021. From Chile.

Blake Rocheleau
Electrical and Computer Engineering Major, Class 2019. Transfer from Moorpark College via Newbury Park HS.

Anton Citko
Stats Major, Class 2020. From Mira Loma HS in Carmichael.

Alex Kashou
Psychobiology Major, Class 2021. From Los Alamitos HS.

13 more winners, including the inaugural $10,0000 Gerald L. Coffee Scholarship recipient were announced this past weekend at Sigma Nu Honors. Their names and extraordinary profiles will be revealed in upcoming newsletters.

Details about Captain Coffee’s historic trip to UCLA and the incredible Sigma Nu Honors ceremony that won’t ever be forgotten will be featured in our next newsletter so stay tuned.

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