Epsilon Pi of Sigma Nu Centennial Campaign Donors

In 2030, Epsilon Pi of Sigma Nu will celebrate its 100th anniversary at UCLA. To commemorate this longevity we have launched a fundraising campaign to grow our Sigma Nu Alumni Scholarship Fund (SNASF). Our scholarship program seeks to incentive positive undergraduate outcomes through tuition grants that restore UCLA’s charter ambition of providing a tuition-free college education to the best and brightest.

To become a Centennial Campaign donor, alumni must pledge a minimum donation of $10,000 to the SNASF payable through 2030. As of January 1, 2024, the active chapter and the following alumni have signed onto the campaign and begun fulfilling their pledge:

Active Chapter
Ahern, Kevin (EP 952)
Amendola, Nick (EP 1645)
Bonin, Eddie (EP 1633)
Bridge, Gary (EP 669)
Browman, Taylor (EP 944)
Buckley, George (EP 763)
Coleman, Brian (EP 1531)
Cooper, Mike (EP 781)
Curtis, Cameron (EP 1678)
Derdivanis, Derek (EP 873)
Farwell, Anthony (EP 956)
Godfrey, Adam (1094)
Graham, Pat (EP 788)
Harris, Bill (EP 987)
Heisel, Kurt (EP 1032)
Hoops, Alan (EP 715)
Jordan, Daniel (EP 910)
Kelly, Rob (EP 1631)
Klunchoo, Derrick (EP 1660)
Kobata, Mark (EP 798)
Layton, Steve (EP 1020)
Liljestrom, Brent (EP 890)
Lineberger, Brad (EP 1515)
MacDougall, Sandy (EP 1004)
McPherson, Scott (EP 1186)
Meidel, Greg (EP 880)
Menzia, Mike (1182)
Merlone, Peter (EP 972)
Meyer, Paul (EP 889)
Miller, Jim (EP 1087)
Obbage, Dave (EP 1021)
Ollen, John (EP 795)
Ostwald, Mitch (EP 965)
Pender, Mark (EP 913)
Pipes, Keith (EP 928)
Post, Dan (EP 975)
Riehl, Don (EP 332)
Roberson, Alan (EP 773)
Ryder, Ned (EP 446)
Schmidt, David (EP 738)
Schutte, Jerry (EP 717)
Schweitzer, Brad (EP 1002)
Shepherd, Jay (EP 1018)
Slater, Michael (EP 991)
Stovitz, Ken (982)
Turner, Rusty (EP 837)
Valdez, Michael (EP 1970)
Wilcox, Michael (EP 584)
Zirbel, Brian (EP 1628)


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