2017 Academic Year in Review

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It has been an eventful and successful year at Sigma Nu, Epsilon Pi. The house GPA is 3.4, the highest in recent history, and they continue to have a strong social calendar, which over the past two quarters has included events with Kappa, Alpha Phi, Theta, and Pi Phi. When the new school year begins in the fall the house will be at full capacity with 40 members living in, including 6 seniors and 12 juniors.

As the academic year ends the graduating senior class has many exciting opportunities awaiting them. One of the senior brothers, Spencer Gervais #1951, will be working as a Software Engineer at Amazon in Seattle. During his four years in Sigma Nu, he held the positions of Scholarship Chairman and LEAD Chairman. He believes that his time in Sigma Nu has taught him many career and life skills, including how to delegate responsibilities and how to always maintain control of a situation. His long-term career goals are to create his own startup with a product that will positively affect people throughout the world or to work his way up to a management position in a mid- to large-sized company. In addition, other senior brothers have plans to work in commercial real estate and economic consulting, to attend Michigan Law and UCLA Engineering for graduate school, and to take a gap year before applying for medical school.

Over the past quarter, the Alumni Board has sponsored a Resume Workshop and a Mock Interview Workshop at the house to help prepare the active brothers for their future job searches. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive we hope you will support the impressive young men that make up Sigma Nu, Epsilon Pi and will volunteer your time and energy in helping them find their path forward.

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