New Wing Renovation

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Thanks to the our alumni donors and House Renovation Committee a complete remodel of New Wing is nearly complete. The hall now boasts:

  • 7 newly designed bedrooms featuring: lofted beds, custom closet spaces and storage, updated windows, steel doors, and individual A/C room controls
  • Private enclosed washer and dryer
  • Enclosed rear storage space that improves security from the west and south
  • New ADA compliant ramp from rear driveway
  • Rooms are now insulated for better energy efficiency
  • Walls and floors were built for improved soundproofing in the bedrooms
  • Life safety was improved with windows that meet current egress requirements, fire sprinkler updates, and fire walls between bedrooms to slow the spread of fire in the attic

While the bedrooms were completed in time for the start of fall quarter, the newly designed bathroom with private ADA compliant shower stalls, sinks and toilets/urinals will be finished shortly. Additional photos of the project will be released in our next newsletter but preliminary feedback from the 13 Brothers who are living in the new rooms has been overwhelmingly positive. The inaugural New Wing residents are comprised of 5 upperclassmen and 8 underclassmen and includes 3 members of Excom. An additional 2 Brothers will move in winter quarter upon returning from study abroad programs. At present there are 34 Brothers living at 601 Gayley including 8 total upperclassmen.

In addition to the upgrades in New Wing, the downstairs common areas also received attention. New drapes, wall sconces, coffee tables, carpets and refurbished dining tables and benches have been purchased to furnish the living room and further the classic Sigma Nu aesthetic.

Click here to see more photos from the house renovation.

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