November ’19: Lucas Pino

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My name is Lucas Pino and I am a fourth year Business Economics major. I am originally from Brazil but went to high school in South Florida. As a rising freshman I knew nobody at UCLA. Sigma Nu shaped my entire college experience. The fraternity introduced me to lifelong friends and a network of brothers I will always treasure. Moreover, Sigma Nu was integral to my professional success. As IM Sportsman Chair, I was able to develop leadership skills that I then applied to various other extracurricular experiences. Furthermore, the fraternity introduced me to fantastic mentors like Darren and Darryl Tan, who helped me get my first internship in Investment Banking, and Rafael Sands who was an immensely influential part in my discovery of a career in Management Consulting.
Upon graduating UCLA, I will be joining Bain’s Los Angeles office as an Associate Consultant. I plan to stay at Bain for three years before pursuing an MBA. In the long term, I hope to combine my experience in Management Consulting with my interest in finance into a career in Private Equity. My involvements at UCLA outside of Sigma Nu consist of positions in the Undergraduate Business Society, including my current position as a Director of the Consulting Committee, and participation in Bruin Asset Management, a premier finance organization on campus whose member base is largely comprised of Sigma Nus. Sigma Nu impacted my college experience and my life beyond college in ways my freshman self would have never expected. With the brothers of this fraternity I share memories that have shaped my character. I am grateful for both my decision of joining this chapter and for the wonderful people I’ve met in this journey.

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