90’s SNu Drives Spartan Turnaround

Bruin football fans would be wise to pay attention to what’s going on up at San Jose State where UCLA Sigma Nu alum Brent Brennan (EP 1418) recently completed his 3rd season as the head coach of the Spartan’s football program. Brennan received a 3-year contract extension this month after his team finished the season with a win over Fresno State to capture the Valley Title. Earlier in the year, Brennan’s team traveled to Razorback Stadium and shocked the SEC with a win over Arkansas. In addition to the team’s success, he tutored quarterback Josh Love into the Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the Year. When not shouting “Hi-rickety Hoop-tee-doo” at Sigma Nu, Brennan played wide receiver under Terry Donahue from 1991-95. He graduated from the Snake House in 1996 with a degree in History and coached at Woodside High School before joining the staff at the University of Hawaii. He would go on to join fellow UCLA Sigma Nu legend Rick Neuhesiel’s staff at Washington, coach under Dick Tomey at Arizona, and as Oregon State’s wide receiver coach he developed Brandin Cooks into the 2013 Biletnikoff Award winner. In addition to being a superb teacher, Brennan has a knack for building anticipation as evidenced in this clip of him surprising one of his players, a San Jose State Sigma Nu Fraternity man no-less, with a scholarship.
Brennan with fellow 90s era snakes.

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