Dr. Fong Returns

On May 14th the active chapter once again hosted Dr. Timothy Fong at 601 Gayley for a presentation titled, “A Young Man’s Guide to Staying Mentally Fit.”

Dr. Fong serves UCLA as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and, as an invited guest of the Sigma Nu Alumni Board, he has now provided four wide-ranging presentations that promote positive yet practical behaviors for the active chapter’s members.

The topics ranged from healthy sleep and nutrition habits to predictors of happiness, suicide, relationships, digital addiction and more. The dialogue contained lessons about how to improve the brain’s ability to learn, how to diagnose and advise those suffering from mental conditions that require medical attention, and the many benefits of consistent visits to a sauna. Dr. Fong’s humor and candor once more resonated with the young men and we look forward to continuing our relationship with him in the fall.

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