Wayne Redfearn Q&A

Why did you join Sigma Nu over other fraternities?

It felt like a good fit based on the guys I met before and during rush week.

What song(s) best defines your college experience?

‘Drink Beer’

How did Sigma Nu help make you into the man you are today?

It reinforced the importance and joy of long-term friendships.

Tell us about a brother who was a mentor or went beyond the call of duty to help you.

Bob Edmondson, “the divorce doctor”; he really was helpful at a time of great stress in my life.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, and from whom?

My dad- ‘There are three sides to every story; your side, my side and the truth.

What’s your greatest personal challenge to date and how did you overcome it?

Trying to raise great sons by setting a good example.

What role does leadership play in a man’s life?

It provides an opportunity to do the right thing and influence others in a positive manner.

If you were walking onto the UCLA campus as a young freshman, what advice would you give to the younger you?

Savor every moment and get involved.

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